Traditionally, reaching B2B market audiences has been extremely difficult and expensive to achieve.

Seeking to connect with companies that operate within specific business areas or professions has always been problematic – and there is no programmatic solution out there to do the job…

until now …

B2B Programmatic

MEDIATA has developed a stunning new product which ensures we capture the right people to enable an ongoing conversation between them and the advertiser.

We are proud to bring to market our B2B Programmatic Solution.

At first glance B2B and programmatic may seem like an unlikely pair of bed-fellows. B2B is renowned for its highly targeted campaigns seeking out tiny niece markets and enormous amounts of planning aimed at predicting someone’s every move and preference – often using expensive and time consuming direct buys with specific publishers.

Programmatic on the other hand has a reputation for being a more ‘hit and miss’ affair better suited to retail and general consumer campaigns. With recent improvements in software and targeting data generally – together with the generally lower costs of the programmatic approach – the two concepts need not be mutually exclusive.

This was our central concept when MEDIATA began the process of developing our B2B Programmatic solution. We wanted to offer a product that will, over time, build a definitive B2B audience customized to the exact requirements of our clients. We wanted to build a process that would grow, develop and expand with every campaign and impression delivered.

The real key to success is the way in which the audiences are developed and curated; ultimately allowing communication with a specific client.

The entire process is cyclic – with new data constantly updating and refining the old data and building a unique fully segmented audience. These unique segments are populated with potential customers for the client’s products.