Creative Specifications & Guidelines

Insertion orders and creative must be submitted at least four (4) working days before campaign launch date.

IAB Standard Advertising Units

• Total animation time may not exceed 30 seconds and may not exceed 3 loops of animation
• Ads may not employ persistent rapid or “strobing” animation of any graphic, copy, or background elements

• Audio must be user-initiated on click
• Audio shut-off functionality must be clearly visible to the user

Ad Expansion
• Ad expansion must be user-initiated
• Ad expansion or contraction functionality must be clearly visible to the user
• Skyscrapers and MPU’s must expand to the left and leaderboards must expand down
• The method of ad expansion and contraction must be the same (e.g. rollover or click)
• Close on roll off or must have [x] or “close [x]” on upper right corner of ad

Flash® Ads
• A backup GIF or JPG image must be supplied
• All Flash creative should employ the Click Action on (release) {getURL(clickTAG, “_blank”)
• Version Flash 7 or earlier is recommended
• Border not required


Ads must not be designed to mimic news or editorial content

MEDIATA works with most commercial rich media companies. All rich media applications, such as video or DHTML, should occur within the standard purchased pixel space. Expanding units must be user initiated

All advertisements are subject to approval by MEDIATA. MEDIATA reserves the right to refuse any ad submission which does not meet the requirements specified above, or is deemed otherwise inappropriate, distracting, or harmful to the online user experience.