Data Management Platform

MEDIATA’s Data Management Platform (DPM) is the data decision solution central to our programmatic system that helps brands and agencies increase returns by means of smarter content, commerce, and marketing experiences across all consumer touchpoints.

Being a next-gen DMP the system unifies people data from multiple screens and sources, analyzes the data to understand and identify individual preferences and expectations, and activates the data across every channel in ‘right time’ and ‘real time’. MEDIATA’s inclusive design delivers on-demand data insights that are fully actionable and help businesses maintain a virtuous cycle of important customer experiences.

MEDIATA, as a company, is driven by a relentless focus on people: what they need, what they want, and what they expect. Our solutions enable brands to fully understand individuals and deliver experiences finely tuned to their needs and preferences.

Data signals are drawn from all screens and sources and used to advance experiences across all consumer touchpoints. The system learns iteratively, continuously responding to new data signals and data sources, to enable smarter interactions, deeper engagement, and improved revenue performance.