What types of Creative can I run?
MEDIATA supports all IAB standard display and video formats, plus have unique video and rich media options.
  • Pre-roll Video
  • Expandable Video
  • In-unit Video Creatives
  • Sequential Creatives
  • Dynamic Ads
What types of Inventory can I buy?
You can buy all inventory types – display, tablet, social media and mobile.
How do you make offline surveys like Veda help with online targeting?
MEDIATA uses geo-location to determine user location and match the different data sets.
How many audience profiles does MEDIATA have on your database?
We have 16.1 million active MEDIATA user profiles in Australia – approximately 82% reach of web users
Is MEDIATA brand safe?
Yes, MEDIATA is committed to ensuring your brand is in safe hands. We partner and sit on the boards of the IAB and IASH.  We also partner with leading companies like Integral/AdSafe so that every ad we serve comes with peace of mind
What are MEDIATA Audience Products?
MEDIATA provides a range of targeting solutions. A campaign can include any of the following targeting solutions:
  1. Packaged Audience
  2. Custom Audience
  3. Retargeting Audience
  4. Lookalike Audiences
  5. Search Keyword Targeting
  6. Facebook Retargeting
Who Is Skyhook?
Skyhook is a Boston based company that has been innovating in the IP location space since 2003. Skyhook combines GPS, cell towers, IP information, device sensors and a network of more than a billion Wi-Fi access points globally to provide precise locations for any type of geo request - resulting in accuracy levels of 100 metres or less. This Partnering offers unparalleled ANZ hyperlocal targeting across all devices; from desktops to mobiles.
Who is Veda?
Inivio,Veda - the Marketing Services division of Veda, have the only Australian geo-demographic segmentation tool built from offline data that includes credit information drawn from the largest single source of consumer credit information – the Credit Bureau. The segmentation tool provides 41 AU Geo-location segments that can seamlessly match up with MEDIATA’s online Audiences.
What is the Concept of Intelligent Reach?
It involves the creation of audiences from actionable data i.e. data that has direct influences on positive campaign performance.  This rich audience knowledge informs every ad we serve. Our RTB-enabled platform seamlessly matches our advertisers to prospects in a safe and highly scalable manner.
How long does it take for campaigns to go live?
MEDIATA requires at least 48 hours to test and approve creative submissions prior to campaign launch date.

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