Case Study: Skyhook releases a case study after 9 month of working with MEDIATA.

Skyhook Case Study
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Case Study: Skyhook releases a case study after 9 month of working with MEDIATA.

Skyhook releases a case study after 9 month of working with MEDIATA.

The Skyhook case study explains how Skyhook’s hyperlocal IP technology allows MEDIATA to effectively target any device, anytime and anywhere.

Results highlight how this partnership has increased performance by 20%.

MEDIATA is an audience management and targeting platform that creates rich user profiles, populated through a mix of proprietary and exclusive data sources. Location is a critical to building those user profiles. The more accurate location data MEDIATA can access, the more relevant advertising it can deliver. Like all server-side ad tech platforms, the only consumer location data source MEDIATA can access is IP address. However, traditional leading IP positioning providers yield inexact results. Their network topology methods of positioning IP addresses are ineffective.


1. Dramatically Improve IP positioning
2. Increase Ad Engagement and Conversions

Skyhook Solution

• Hyperlocal IP takes a unique ground truth
approach to IP positioning.
• Using billions of location data points from
tens of millions of devices, Skyhook positions
IP addresses within a 100-metre radius.


• 20% lift in conversions


Skyhook’s Hyperlocal IP positions over one billion IP addresses worldwide, often within 100 metres. This proprietary technology enables MEDIATA to position IP addresses precisely and deliver more relevant advertising to consumers based
on their location. Other leading IP location providers use a network topology method to trace an ad request, delivering inaccurate lat/ long points in the middle of a continent or city. Our data indicates that as much as 80% of ad inventory comes with an incorrect location, or none at all.

How it Works

Rather than using network topology to infer positions of IP addresses, Skyhook’sapproach is empirical. We deliver precise location to tens of millions of devices each month. That’s a lot of GPS & Wi-Fi data, and we record it all along with corresponding IP addresses. As users continue to make location requests, Skyhook refines its knowledge of an IP address. First locating it to a country, regions, city, and even within a city block. Along the way, Skyhook overlays demographic and behavioral data to build rich contextual profiles of the venues these IP addresses map to.


Through a 9-month research and development partnership, MEDIATA saw stunning campaign
lift as a result of adding Skyhook’s Hyperlocal IP to its mobile ad inventory.

“Teaming up with the world’s leading location positioning company
has already demonstrated eye-poppingly significant improvement in
not only campaign performance, but also our audience intelligence.
Integrating Skyhook into our platform means we can more
consistently reach the customers we are targeting. This will have a
major effect on digital investment strategies.”
John Stones
Head of Product and Innovation

To download this case study click here.


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