News: Surabaya To Host MEDIATA Ad-Operations Centre

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News: Surabaya To Host MEDIATA Ad-Operations Centre

Surabaya, Indonesia to host MEDIATA Ad-Operations centre, opening November 2014

MEDIATA, the APAC audience management and targeting platform, has announced that it has opened an Ad -Operations centre in Surabaya, Indonesia. The team will be responsible for all Ad-Operations functions for the Hong Kong based company across the region, including campaign trafficking, optimisation and reporting.

“AS MEDIATA continues to evolve from a service company to a technology company, centralisation of our back end processes, systems and teams in one location is essential. Surabaya provides a great location and excellent talent pool, and allows us to be confident that we can easily scale to meet future demand” said Chief Product Officer John Stones. “We have a number of products we are excited to bring to market and are increasingly focusing our expansion plan in APAC, which makes Surabaya an excellent location for us moving forward”.

John, who previously worked with Komli and Exponential, companies with strong presences in Asia, bring 15 years of Digital Advertising experience to MEDIATA.

Managing the team in Indonesia will be Brian Waine, with an anticipated 6 staff initially and room to expand that team to 20 or more as required. “We are excited to bring new opportunities for Indonesians and in particular graduates in Surabaya and the surrounding area to enter the fast growing advertising and ad-tech market, and hope to increase our headcount and broaden our functions and required skill sets as the company develops” said Brian.


MEDIATA, the APAC audience management and targeting platform, is headquartered in Hong Kong.
Launched in July 2009 as Valued Interactive Media (VIM) and rebranded as MEDIATA in July 2013, the company has utilised its audience and media delivery platform to deliver thousands of successful online campaigns across Australia, Hong Kong and New Zealand.
Employing more than 30 full-time staff across 5 offices (Hong Kong, New Zealand, Australia, India, Indonesia) in areas including sales, ad-operations, development, strategy and administration, the company services agency and direct clients across a broad range of verticals.

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