Effective optimization is fundamental to overall campaign success. Mediata deploys Machine Learning Algorithms which relentlessly optimize information and data which becomes available as a campaign develops.

Our Audience Discovery solution is particularly effective in gathering data based on the intentions, interests and demographics of customers who are actually visiting and converting at a client’s property, enabling optimization of targeting and campaign strategies. Campaigns may open with preselected packaged audiences in place but once the campaign flight begins, it can become clear that certain audiences are performing better than others. In this case shifting spend and weight to the better performing audiences will yield increase performance.

As optimized strategies are implemented, dramatic increases are in CTR and conversions are often quickly visible along with drastic reductions in the overall CPA rates. By careful analysis, valuable insights can be gain as to the actual behavior and intentions of customer segments.

Effective optimization from the insights gained, drives increased ROI for our clients.

In most situations, these optimizations are carried out automatically by MEDIATA but the human touch can also be essential. Online campaigns provide unprecedented optimization opportunities that can be leveraged in real-time. Gone are the days of launching a campaign and waiting until it’s complete to get results to adjust the next media buy. With MEDIATA campaigns, brands can adjust in real time, particularly as there are so many new data sources available to help in audience discovery, selection and optimization.

Employing multiple targeting strategies, including RFM metrics and purchase histories, can help marketers ensure that every campaign is relevant and effective.