Programmatic Marketing Solutions and Products

MEDIATAPLATFORM employes a wide range of programmatic solutions and products to provide practical solutions for digital marketing campaigns. None of our programmatic solutions are fixed or stand alone, they can be combined or customised to blend with overall marketing mixes.

MEDIATA’s Core Product Stack

MEDIATA’s SENGINE provides an innovative way to ensure that your customers are fully engaged with your brand, products and services.

The unique positioning of SENGINE goes far beyond the ubiquitous ‘product survey’ and directly delivers messages that are relevant to your customers’ current sentiment

Search retargeting targets user audiences based on keyword searches they have previously conducted on search engines such as Google, Yahoo & Bing. This strategy can provide a great one-two punch by aligning your search engine marketing (SEM) and display advertising, mixing the power of intent with repeated brand exposure.

Search re-targeting allows you to show banner ads across the web to people who have recently searched for keywords that are relevant for your business.


Personas increase relevance & personalization for brands looking to connect with consumers. They are designed to reduce CPA costs in campaigns by providing precise targeting & messages that are relevant & engaging for customers.

Communicating with your audience in a relevant way through personalized creative will drive results, enable you to grow your customer base and sell more products.


Active Prospecting

MEDIATA’s Active Prospecting product brings new customers and visitors to client’s sites.
Prospecting is perhaps the most vital goal within digital marketing, our outstanding Active Prospecting system fully delivers against the pledge of delivering the right ad, to the right person at the right time – and at the right price by leveraging Machine-driven behavior modeling and generating real-time predictions based on high volumes of data.
This process requires sophisticated machine learning algorithms to properly identify, evaluate, continually monitor and score data attributes in order to generate high probability outcomes.
MEDIATA does this by combining best in market data, our proprietary delivery system and engaging the power of AI machine learning algorithms to relentlessly optimize all aspects of a campaign.

B2B Programmatic

MEDIATA has developed a stunning new product which ensures we capture the right people to enable an ongoing conversation between them and the advertiser.

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Branding Campaigns

In our campaigns users are targeted rather than pages; we reach advertisers precise audience with no wastage compared to other targeting options. Demographic data is of prime importance and our partner companies help provide real targeting precision. We design, deliver and execute hi-impact, unique formats and ensure that they run with high viewability.

Machines and humans work together to optimize campaigns to KPI’s, driving excellent results along with vital campaign and market insights. Our DMP planning system ensures that pre campaign planning has full knowledge of the data and inventory available.