Messages based upon expressed sentiment are far more likely to be positively received than those based on inference. SENGINE utilizes a user’s current sentiment to deliver highly relevant messages that will resonate with them. The result is a better brand experience and improved profitability driven by two-way communication.

One of the primary shared goals of marketing and branding is to delight visitors and customers. The magic of humanized marketing happens when the message influences us to go to a destination. SENGINE is designed to be an intrinsic part of this process.

Customer sentiment towards a brand is the lifeblood that dictates its health which is why so many resources are dedicated trying to measure it. It is a two-way street with 86% of consumers willing to pay more to receive a better customer experience and yet only 1% of customers feel that their expectations are being met, according to a 2016 CEI Survey.

Sengine has been built as a product which sits on top of MEDIATA’S programmatic platform that allows consumers to give opinions at any stage of their brand experience and then delivers re-marketing messages based upon the feedback that is given.

It is a solution to the most pressing issues facing digital advertising today, relevance and customer experience. SENGINE is designed to facilitate one-to-one conversations between brands and consumers, enabling personalization which leads to greater engagement, and increased profitability.

How It Works

SENGINE combines the benefits of programmatic targeting and customer surveys to allow personalization of the user’s brand experience. It can be deployed within a brand’s ads, product pages or any digital asset; allowing measurement of we changed to every aspect of the consumer experience.

Users interact and give feedback regarding an attribute of the product: pricing, design, features, benefits, service, or any area where an opinion can be given and the experience personalized.

As a user engages with Sengine, non-identifiable information is gathered and collated with their sentiment. This data is stored and used to deliver a personalized message or offer based on the sentiment received.

The next message the user receives will be highly relevant because it was triggered by their personal input. This leads to greater levels of engagement, campaign performance and ultimately profitability.

User surfs the internet

Interacts with SENGINE

Data is collected

Personalized message

Returns to brand’s site

Want to know more?

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