Successful Programmatic Strategies

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Successful Programmatic Strategies

As a contemporary marketer, it’s virtually impossible to disregard the impact that programmatic media buying is having on the digital world. The technology involved with programmatic buying is having a deep impact on the way that consumers interact with brands, in addition to the way that brands develop a greater return on their investments. Programmatic buying, which automates the purchase of media, has long demonstrated its efficiency and cost benefits in an environment where customers and consumers are continuously connected to their online devices.
As programmatic buying continues to show promise in the online world, it is crucial for businesses and brands to stay on top of the latest updates, and understand the potent benefits a programmatic strategy has to offer. In the following sections, we will cover a number of the areas you should consider while developing a programmatic media buying strategy for your business.


1: Ask Yourself the Right Questions

As with any business strategy, setting yourself up for success means answering the important questions about your long and short-term goals. For instance, do you simply want to move goods off your shelves faster, or do you want to change the way that customers think about your brand with a new commercial spot. Programmatic media buying can be a highly effective strategy for most businesses – but it only works when used correctly. The more time you invest in brainstorming your needs with your internal team, the more likely you are to come up with important ideas that will prepare you in finding the right partner for success.

2: Understand the Technology

It may not be important that you fully understand the deeper inner-workings of the technology that you use for programmatic media buying – you will at least need a basic understanding of what’s going on with your brand’s campaigns. Any programmatic partner that you work with should be willing to answer the various questions you might have regarding the technology that powers your campaigns.

3: Use a Multi-Platform Approach

In the majority of cases, using one DSP is enough to achieve minor goals. However, for many companies, the advantage of trading through multiple demand-side platforms allows them to take advantage of various opportunities. The differing strengths provided by alternate DSPs can be singled out and emphasized to improve the performance of your campaign.
Having multiple views of the inventory available through different platforms will also help to promote value and competition for your investments, so that you can reach as many customers as possible, while limiting your budget.

4: Concentrate on Creative

vary-creativeCreative has a major part to play in any digital marketing strategy, so it only makes sense that it would be crucial from a programmatic perspective too. Programmatic marketing is all about delivering the right message to the right audience, at the best possible time. Moreover, this approach will give your creative team the information that they need to improve your branding messages across various platforms.
Ensure that you allocate time, resources and effort to delivering compelling creative, and upgrade that creative whenever possible, using contextual, audience, and environmental signals to provide dynamic content that personally appeals to your market.

5: Programmatic is never a One-Size-Fits-All Solution

While it might be far more convenient for marketers to merely invest in a pre-made programmatic solution that they can forget about at the end of the day, the truth is that every brand campaign has unique objectives to accomplish. Some will be driven by awareness, whereas others will be looking for specific actions, engagement, or sales. A proactive programmatic media buyer will need to create a custom-made solution by understanding their market, alongside the data they have collected.
Carefully plan out your programmatic tactics, and make certain that the teams you work with speak the same language in terms of measurement. Programmatic buying can be highly successful for marketers when they have a clear line of communication between themselves, and the team that is executing or advising a campaign.

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