MediataPlatform – APAC’s Programmatic Solution Specialist

  • Our execution of Digital Campaigns and Programmatic Solutions is truly cutting-edge and highly impactful
  • Fully managed 100% transparent campaigns which produce results
  • MEDIATA flawlessly integrates all key components of the ad tech stack as a distinct solution
  • We coordinate proprietary data sets, integrated media strategy and cross-channel activation using local knowledge and data
  • MEDIATAPLATFORM removes the complexity, improves success and drives results at scale

Featured Products


Sengine is a product which sits on top of MEDIATA’S programmatic platform and allows consumers to give opinions at any stage of their brand experience then delivers custom re-marketing messages.

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Search re-targeting can provide a great one-two punch by aligning your search engine marketing (SEM) and display advertising, mixing the power of intent with repeated brand exposure.

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Brands often have extensive product data on existing customers but scant insight into their true socio-demographics which results in customers receiving misaligned messages.

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Our core concept is that advertising can and should be great.

Our passion is enhancing communication between brands and consumers.

We firmly believe that in the second decade of the 21st century, brands should be able to reach the right people at the right time without having to ‘spray and pray’ and planners should not have to bow their heads and cringe when they admit they work in advertising.

MEDIATA platform is committed to shaking up the online advertising industry. We’ve evolved into a fast growing international business and we increasingly see the need to improve transparency and to foster greater cooperation between partners.

APAC is our focus in terms of operations and delivery of our Programmatic Solutions. We have unrivaled knowledge, expertise and experience of this increasingly important and digitally vibrant area.

Our AD Tech Stack


MEDIATA’s Data Management Platform (DPM) is data decision solution central to our programmatic system that helps brands and agencies increase…

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We integrate campaigns cross-channel on a case-by-case basis, to take advantage of every opportunity to connect with client’s audiences …

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MEDIATA is a powerful and flexible real-time creative advertising platform designed expressly for agencies and Brand partners. Our fully …

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Effective optimization is fundamental to overall campaign success. Mediata deploys Machine Learning Algorithms which relentlessly …

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Fully understanding what is happening within a campaign is an essential element for success. There’s a lot of data floating around out there in the …

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MEDIATA’s post campaign analysis starts with re defining your target audience and deeply understanding their demographic & psychographic

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Campaign Case Studies

MEDIATA’s key business objective is to achieve consistently high campaign results. An effective strategy is implemented to every campaign to reflect the clients’ brief. Follow the link to view a range of Case Studies that highlight MEDIATA’s ability to formulate a highly effective and bespoke strategy.

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Consumers generate billions of signals as they go about their digital lives. Every cookie, mobile ID, set-top box data engagement, ad interaction, etc. provides a clue into a consumer’s needs, affinities, and intentions. As a marketer, this data is highly valuable. The challenge? The data (and its insights) is often held by myriad sources other than the marketer, including publishers, ad servers, and advertising platforms.

MEDIATA maintains strategic and commercial partnerships (particularly within APAC) with industry leading companies to ensure we leverage the very best data.

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